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The Resource |[WATCH] PNB Rock Talked About Practically Acquiring Robbed In L.A. The 7 days Ahead of Lethal Taking pictures

In what is considered as a haunting interview with DJ Akademiks on his Off The History podcast, late Philly rapper PNB Rock talked with the society critic about his close call in Los Angeles with a group of gang customers even though going to the Town of Angels with his loved ones. The 30 year previous “Selfish” singer talks about not currently being caught slipping by would be assailants not even a month prior to he would be shot dead in Roscoe’s Rooster And Waffles in South Central just a single day prior to the 28th anniversary of the loss of life of late cultural icon Tupac Shakur.

“Somebody tried me on [ the Fairfax Avenue in Los Angeles], like mid-pandemic,” the late rapper/singer stated. “N*ggas was talking loud as shit seeking me to listen to their dialogue and it is like, ‘I’m with my peoples — my daughter and my lady. Why are they speaking about this gangsta shit? What the fuck is heading on?’So I’m like, ‘Man, we outta in this article.’ My girl like, ‘Nah, we ain’t — what’s completely wrong?’ I’m just likely off of the vibes. She ain’t peep it, she be wondering I’m tripping. She peeped that I’m significant so she’s like, ‘Alright, we out.’” at?v=7rPZDzArXl4

PNB continued, indicating, “I ain’t go in the shop for two seconds, the very same people appear from out the car, hop in the shop hype as shit, say some gang banging shit…I recognized the electricity. He began conversing to me on some gangsta shit. I’m like, ‘Bruh, do you know me from somewhere?’ He like, ‘N*gga, yeah I know who you is!’ Hoping to get me to, like, get into some shit. So I flagged him off and just walked out the retail store ’cause I now know wherever this shit ’bout to go … You really do not want to be anxious and make it seem like one thing ’bout to transpire.”

In an eerily related predicament, PNB Rock was gunned down and robbed, passing away from his injuries hrs soon after being shot.


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