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Queen + Paul Rodgers Are living In Ukraine 2008 To Display On YouTube

In September 2008 Queen + Paul Rodgers answered a get in touch with from Ukraine’s Elena Pinchuk’s Anti AIDS Foundation to reach out to the youth of the state with the concept ‘Don’t Allow AIDS Destroy Your Life’ by participating in a no cost Existence Ought to Go On Aids awareness live performance performed in Ukraine’s next premier city Kharkiv’s historic Freedom Sq. to a stay viewers of over 350,000 – and a television audience of additional than 10 million.

The band recall that celebration as “an unforgettable experience…one of those rare issues in lifetime you know you will never ever overlook. A conference in songs, but also a coming alongside one another to combat a widespread enemy…”

Now, with millions of Ukrainian refugees in will need of urgent humanitarian relief from a distinct affliction, Queen is returning to that historic moment with a YouTube distinctive screening aimed at drawing donations for UNHCR relief initiatives. UNHCR has stepped up their functions and capacity in Ukraine and neighboring nations. They stay firmly committed to guidance all influenced populations in Ukraine and countries in the region.

At their Kharkiv clearly show, Queen + Paul Rodgers performed a set of 28 common tracks, opening with “One Vision” and which includes legendary hits such as “Another One Bites The Dust”, “I Want It All”, “I Want To Crack Free”, “Crazy Tiny Issue Referred to as Love”, “Bohemian Rhapsody”, “The Clearly show Will have to Go On” and “We Are The Champions.”

Queen + Paul Rodgers Dwell In Ukraine plays on YouTube on Saturday, March 19 at 10AM PST/1PM EST/5PM GMT. Please make your donations to UNHCR – The UN Refugee Company.

With teams across Ukraine and in neighboring nations around the world hosting refugees from Ukraine, UNHCR is supplying security and humanitarian aid, like crisis shelters, repairs for houses broken by shelling, emergency income aid, and defense such as psychological assistance. Winter season aid is also presented for displaced folks in want as temperatures plummet, these kinds of as significant thermal blankets.

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