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Peach PRC Performs ‘Teenage Dirtbag’ For Spotify Singles

For her latest Spotify Singles double release, Australian singer and songwriter Peach PRC flipped Wheatus’ 2000 hit “Teenage Dirtbag” for a reimagined, queer rendition of the track. She also tackled a stripped again model of her hottest solitary “God Is A Freak,” equally of which get there by using Republic Data.

“To be releasing my have edition of teenage dirtbag feels so distinctive to me. I would sing this tune as a kid in my dad’s house right after college applying karaoke videos,” Peach PRC shared of the hyperpop reimagining. “Now when I hear to my Spotify Singles version, I consider 14-yr-aged me hearing it and how elated she would be.”

Though some skeptics filled Peach PRC’s mentions pushing again on the glitching, current variation of the rock keep track of, she’s celebrating the option to have shaped “Teenage Dirtbag” in a type no one has in the previous and telling them to develop up, tweeting: “The quantity of men who are being so imply about my Teenage Dirtbag include lol they act like Metallica is gonna wander in their living space and hand them a beer for pointing out autotune. Remaining a loser can take inches off your hairline.”

The singer has almost never ever held back in her songwriting, either, no matter whether on the brutally heartbreaking “Heavy” or the cheeky “God Is A Freak,” of which she additional: “And of system getting to rework a track that presently implies so substantially to me was an absolute pleasure.”

The one arrived before this yr as the end result of the singer and songwriter’s ongoing TikTok series that started out off with a cheeky, comedic twist in advance of the track by itself grew to become what she explained as “an anti-worship song for my religious trauma girlies.” As of late, the observe has uncovered a residence amid protesters championing her composing to share vulnerable stories.

Hear to Peach PRC’s Spotify Singles.

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