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Eazy-E Frequented President George H.W. Bush In The White Property 31 Decades Ago

31 decades in the past, Eazy muthaf**kin’ E manufactured his debut on the White House garden.

Though other rappers of the time ended up entirely against President George Bush and his staunch legislation and order guidelines, Eazy-E, alongside with his supervisor Jerry Heller, spent $1250 a plate to attend the Republicans Internal Circle meal.

This non-public, customers-only meal may well have price Eazy a whopping $2500 for two plates, but that form of publicity could not be acquired. Speculation has it that Eazy and Jerry’s attendance at the White Home during the Bush administration saved the FBI off of N.W.A’s backs just after the controversy over their “Fuck The Police” single. at?v=r3u4zWZ4wCE


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