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We Are The World Foundation has made a sizable grant to Artists for Peace and Justice for the purpose of building and supporting a college-level technical school, in Jacmel, Haiti. The Artists Institute: We Are The World School of Music and Audio Engineering will be a world-class learning institution that celebrates and empowers Haiti’s greatest cultural assets and talents, while serving the nation’s impoverished youth.

We are very proud to announce that the School of Music and Audio Engineering welcomed its inaugural class in October of 2013. The students are provided with a two-year curriculum, training them to be qualified for employment in the fields of audio engineering, music engineering and/or sound production. The school will also contain divisions of employment and professional support, providing graduates with access to tools and facilities needed for their careers.

In addition, this grant provides much needed support to the high school music programs at the existing Occide Jeanty and Dessaix Baptiste schools.

Please click on the links provided here in order to view videos, photos of the new campus, and additional information regarding Artists for Peace and Justice and the new Audio Institute: We Are The World Foundation School of Music and Audio Engineering.


Visit this page often to see the good work YOUR dollars fund. A team of 15 Haitian film students are charged with following the work of the Foundation. Videos telling the story of where the money goes and who it helps will be posted here for all to view.

The We Are the World Foundation is committed to transparency. We are developing mechanisms to permit our donors and members of the community to monitor the funds raised, the expenses paid, and the charitable grants funded. Our goal is to maximize the portion of every dollar that can go to make a difference in the lives of the people of Haiti.

The Foundation is dedicated to raising money for charitable purposes and to making grants to charitable organizations with meaningful and efficient relief and development programs that are responding to the continuing crisis in Haiti. We are identifying charities whose relief programs best fit the Foundation’s vision of marshaling the support of the community for the benefit of the victims of disaster and poverty. We will begin soon to make grants and will start to see the funds put to work in charitable and relief efforts. Until then, we’ll hold and guard the funds dedicated to this important work.


Your donations to the We Are the World Foundation continue to make an impact in Haiti nearly one year after the earthquake’s impact. The Ciné Institute in Haiti has emerged as a refuge for Haitian film students, where they have the opportunity to express their hardship through cinema. Your donations have helped to rebuild the film school’s campus, implement this year’s curriculum, and aid in the graduation of the film schools’ first 50 graduates. While the post earthquake atmosphere in Haiti can often be bleak and disheartening, the film school is a truly shining beacon that offers an abundance of hope and increased opportunity for talented youth.

All of this would not be possible without your support of the We Are The World Foundation and as a show of gratitude, the students from the Haitian Ciné Institute have created this video. We hope as you watch the video you take the time to reflect and recognize the huge impact you can make by giving a little: